Executive Board

President – Keith Knautz
Presides at all meetings and has general supervision over all activities. Coordinates the activities of the other officers and Committees in order that the policies of this organization are enforced and promoted.

Treasurer – Kray Kibler
Receives and disburses all funds of this organization and shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures.

Secretary – Kelly Carlson
Has custody of all records and documents and shall maintain an accurate record of all business transacted at each meeting of the organization and of the Board. These minutes are to be distributed at each meeting of the membership and of the Board. Copies of all pass-out sheets (i.e. Treasurer’s Report and written committee reports) from meetings should be attached to appropriate meeting’s minutes.

Vice President Communications – Jennifer Heidenreich
In charge of the publication of organization information whether social, electronic or hard copy. Maintains the website known as www.bataviamusicbuffs.org.

Vice President Membership – Kate Chahmirzadi
Creates the annual membership roster, membership email distribution list and is responsible for maintaining its accuracy and completeness. Coordinates and attends membership activities.

Vice President Ways & Means – Marsha Schuster
Establishes a calendar of fund raising programs designed to realize the financial goals of the Organization. Researches fundraising opportunities and presents to the Executive Board proposals for approval of any new fundraising efforts. Establishes and secures corporate and business sponsorships from local businesses. Assists the BPS101 Music Director(s) with the presentation of information, the organization and distribution of sale merchandise, and the collection and record keeping of monies associated with all fund raising programs.
Assists in recruiting and coordinating the student and parent volunteers needed to complete the fund raising program.

BHS Affairs – OPEN (Cathy Voirin temporary)
Collaborates with BPS101 staff members to determine the needs of the schools.

RMS/Elementary Affairs -OPEN (Keith Knautz temporary)
Collaborates with BPS101 staff members to determine the needs of the schools.


Staff Representatives

BHS – Chris Owen

RMS – Rob Buckley

Elementary – Directors rotate throughout the year