Charms Office Assistant is a third-party, cloud-based, data and financial management tool used to track student and parent information. All music students are assigned a “CHARMS” account.

Specific Batavia Music Buffs’ fundraising campaigns are held throughout the year in which students have the opportunity to earn monies to be placed in an individual student music expense account. These funds may be used by music students for such items including but not limited to: music fees, instrument repair, parts, reeds, music, music field trip expenses and the like.

Students may accrue and carry forward balances in their personal music expense account up to their date of graduation from BHS.

Any balance/unused monies after graduation can be transferred to a younger sibling(s) within the music department. Student accounts with balances after BHS graduation, which are not transferred to a sibling(s), will be transferred to the Batavia Music Buffs general fund to benefit all music students within the district.

Please be aware that there may be instances in which Batavia Music Buffs may deduct monies from a student’s music expense account to cover fees and other charges such as bank NSF charges incurred on their behalf as a result of bank non-payment of checks submitted for fees and/or fundraisers.

To check your student’s CHARMS account balance, login in to your CHARMS account. If you need help or do not remember your user name and password, please contact your music director.

For questions regarding your student’s individual music expense account, please contact the Student Account Administrator, Mary Beth Steurer at: